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The Dunamis Platform is a Church Management Platform designed for small churches who want to stay ahead of the technological curve. Our subscribers get access to automated services, resource libraries, premium websites and more with their account creation. Take a look below to see all we offer, and see how Dunamis can change how you operate your church.



Take the headache out of receiving offering and tithe in the digital age. Accept tithes and offerings from your congregants with a simple text. With the Dunamis Platform, your congregation can text a keyword to our automated text responder and get access to our secure and encrypted giving platform where they can give to you and your church.

Guest Welcome

Make an impression on your newcomers with a simple automated guest welcome system that not only greets them to your church but helps collect basic information for your records so you can follow up. Guests text a keyword into a phone number, and receive a conversational form to fill out. When they're finished, you'll get their contact information sent to your email so you can prepare them a special gift, invite them to an event, or get them a meeting with your pastor. As long as you make them feel welcomed, you're doing it right.

Volunteer Signup

When it comes to running a church, volunteer growth is key, and gathering volunteers for your ministries has never been easier. Like our other services, your congregation can text in a keyword and receive all the information they need regarding your ministries so they can make a mindful decision on when and where to serve. The information is gathered so you can view each prospective volunteer and get their information to the right pastor or leader for follow up.


The world is on the web, and your church service should be too. Reach an infinitely larger audience who might not be able to make it to your service with our streaming solutions and resources. There isn't a one-size-fits-all choice when it comes to streaming, so we'll help you choose your platform and show you the best tools we've got so you can thrive online. 

Website Construction

Websites are a necessity for newcomers to find your presence, and they're great for getting the message of your church out for people to see. Not everyone has the time to build them though. That's where we come in. We offer a selection of website designs for your church, and once you've made a choice, we'll get your site up and running in no time. 

DUnamis Connect

Ministry shouldn't be done alone, and everyone needs a place to connect with others and find help or help others when they need it. Our Private Facebook Group was made to be that place. Pastors and churches can connect to help each other and their communities. 

Service Run Sheet

Knowing is half the battle. Keep all your employees and volunteers organized and focused during your services with our Run Sheet Creator. Simply explain your service with the information it needs, and you'll receive a full service run sheet to give to all your leaders and helpers so they can operate efficiently and effectively while you preach. From announcements and message title to weather and song leaders, your sheets will be one of the most powerful organization tools for your team.

Worship Setlist

Make sure all your band members have the song charts, keys and tempo's along with their parts ready for service. All band members will get an email with their parts in the band, the list of songs with key and bpm information, and links to videos for practice. 

Resources & Materials

Get access to an ever expanding catalogue of resources and materials with over 15 years of experience in ministry distilled into guides and books for you to view. From organization and roles to how to run a social media account, there's something for every church in our virtual library. 

The DUnamis church Platform


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