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To see the live version of your TTG, click the button below to view it. To send this automation to someone who needs it, right-click the button and copy the link so you can paste it wherever you want.



This one is pretty much the same as the Text-To-Give process. Through verbal announcements or slides, show your congregants the number they need to text to AND the phrase they need to send in. Leave the slide up long enough for all congregants to be able to send the message. If you're doing it verbally, the best practice is to say it twice at the beginning of the announcement, and once in closing.


Your congregants text in and receive the link to express interest volunteering in different ministries at your church. Following the instructions, they'll give a one time gift that will be recorded in your data sheet to view and keep track of.


After submitting, all the information will be sent to one location - your data sheet. From there you'll be able to get it in the hands of the pastors or leaders who need it the most. Make sure you have them follow up on your excited volunteers.