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The future is here and it does the work for you. When it comes to running an organization, there are ways to trim the speed on and improve your workflow with that you might not know of, and it all comes down to automation. Automation is a way of taking normal processes and operations that you would usually do personally, and having them done automatically at speeds you're not capable of doing yourself. Don't take our word for it though - check out the demo below to learn more.

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Mobile payments and banking are the top ways people handle money these days. Meet them where they're at and let them donate and give from their phones. We build you a custom automation that deposits the donation straight into a Stripe Account made just for you.

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Keep track of your new guests with our Guest Welcome Services. Guests text in with a specified keyword to receive an interactive welcome message. In this message they will give you some basic information such as name and phone number so you can better welcome them next time you meet.


Getting group together for volunteering has never been easier. Let your congregants choose what ministry they'd like to serve in while getting there name and contact information in one single text message link. Whenever you need to, check your data to see who's ready to volunteer and start setting up your teams

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